About Us - BNC Technology

Who is
BNC Technology?

BNC Technology is a Mother Board above the home automation market. We take our integration seriously, and our clients personally. No imagination is too broad to prevent us from delivering on objective and excellence.

We set the benchmark far beyond the sound guy, beyond the techie geek and beyond audio visual implementation – we’re more than this. So much more. We’re a full service, 360 degree home integrated technology specialist that serve end-to-end consumers, interior designers, developers and architects. We act on creativity, integrity and a life-long partnership. And we dress well for the occasion, just saying. From premium cinema to audio-visual solutions and home automation – we provide usable home lifestyle solutions. No integration is too challenging for our team.

At BNC Technology, our clients are assured of a customised and future-ready service that will serve them today, and in the future. Our vision at BNC Technology is to remain the industry leader in high-end home and office automation. We are renowned for superior workmanship, performance and quality.

How We Compare

Imagine a reality of ask and receive. Imagine a lifestyle of ambience on demand; where you get to pick and press your moments, anytime, anywhere; where sanctuary and playground are a mere button click apart, and exclusivity delivers to your front door. This is a space that exists for the discerning and the respected. For the best of men, and the best of women; where luxury and convenience, is more than an achievement, it’s an expectation.

With BNC Technology, you are able to manifest your every virtual whim into a functional, designed reality. No hassle, no manual, no missing pieces – just pure, simplified, modern living. Your way.

BNC Technology cedia-finalist South Africa

BNC Technology is proudly accredited by CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association. This global body is made up of more than 3 500 member companies worldwide, and serves no less than 22 000 home automation professionals. We follow CEDIAs best practices stringently to ensure the exceptional solutions we provide are our best and most enduring trademarks.

For more information, visit www.cedia.org.