Audio Visual - BNC Technology

Our understated and tasteful audio visual solutions, created by our expert sound engineers, will give you access to an immersive sound experience available through any device you choose.

With BNC Technology as your home automative partner you are guaranteed to bring the concert home – unplugged and up close. Not many people can say they have experienced sound so distinct it feels palpable; with our help, you’ll feel Christina’s vibrato tremble from your toes to your crown, Barry’s base resound in your chest, and Freddie’s power blow your eyelashes backwards.

All of this is brought to you in the super sexy packaging of only the best audio brands in the world, like the Meridian loudspeakers and personal audio equipment. A consummate company like BNC understands the importance of utilising only the most exquisite equipment.

Our commitment to flawless sound has been highlighted through many successful collaborations with architects and interior designers, which ensure design and acoustic requirements are constructed as one.

Audio Visual bnc technology