Posted On: October 12, 2017

Pop the Champagne – we’re celebrating!

We are proud to announce that, this year, at the Home of the Year Awards 2017, BNC Technology walked away with not one, but two (yes two!) awards. Our work on The Kyalami House and The Concrete House earned us the EH Home of the Year Silver and Gold respectively, for the Best International Project. Through strategic, tailored design, the BNC Technology crew stepped in to orchestrate a premium lifestyle experience within the Concrete House, bringing it to life with top-of-the-line technological equipment, kits and software. The fully automated home now boasts state of the art Audio Visual distribution, Network throughout the home, lighting control, intercom solution, blind integration, fire detection integration, integrated security solution as well as gate and garage control. It’s how we roll!

We’ve upgraded Control 4

Control 4! Oh how we love it: our integrated home automation software system. It’s the reason you can turn your bedroom lights off from your lounge. It’s the reason you can let someone in through the garage while you’re in the backyard. It’s the magic wand of the 21st Century. But like every magic wand, now and then, it needs a little dusting. We’ve located a few software bugs in the new Control 4 system that need a quick clean up. So when your lights are turning themselves on and off solo-style, don’t call Ghostbusters, call us. It’s easy to fix with any one of our BNC engineers.

Call your squad. Or Jordan Belfort. Or Ozzy Osbourne. We’ve got a TV for them.

It’s big, it’s bold, it’s only available to our most exclusive clientele – and it’s waterproof! We’re talking about the C SEED 201, better known as the world’s largest outdoor TV! It’s an outdoor spectacular at the touch of a button. This 201 inch, pristine screen, boasting 780 000 LEDs rises from the ground with crystal clear visual and a presence that commands respect. You’ll win friends and influence people, we promise. #NextLevel!

Why the C SEED 201: Outdoor TV from BNC Technology?

  • Full HD transmission.
  • High Resolution Retina LED SMD display.
  • 12 broadband speakers for the left and right audio channels.
  • Wireless remote control in a monolithic design.
  • Display screen that rotates up to 270 degrees.

Here comes the Sun…

BNC Technology has seen the light- and its changing lives! We’re talking Solar Power here. Specifically photovoltaic solar energy (PV.) BNC Technology now offers its clientele a solar option with installed PV panels, controllable by a dashboard within your Control 4 system. Sunshine and convenience, what more could you ask for.

What are the benefits of upgrading to the BNC Technology PV?

  • Reusable electricity.
  • Solar PV works best with smart energy networks with DPG (distributed power generation).
  • Operating and maintenance costs are low.
  • Solar PV panels are silent and only produce clean energy.
  • Less surges and minimized blackouts (provided the sun is shining)