Posted On: March 12, 2019

What's the Good News?
Revit Software

What’s cooler than having a home cinema designed to your exact tastes? Knowing that whatever you put on paper will be what you experience in the finished room. BNC Technology doesn’t leave your vision to chance – it’s why we use Revit software. We know: it’s probably difficult for you to get excited about something that wears the label “building information modelling”, but Revit is the go-to option for architects when designing spaces. And because BNC Technology incorporates it in our design process, it means we automatically speak Architect, so no information is lost or miscommunicated – every last detail of your home cinema is realised in the build.

Mind The Gap
8k is the Next Big Thing

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll be familiar with the line: “Winter is coming…”. Well, our year kicked off with a trip to a wintery Amsterdam for the 2019 Integrated Systems Europe conference, and all we kept hearing was: “8k is coming”! Next gen 8k content and technology is undoubtedly where the industry is heading – but getting 8k fit isn’t just about unboxing a new projector! There are a number of considerations, including the design of your space, correct cable selection and reticulation.

We want you to be prepared! Get in touch with your lifestyle designer at BNC Technology, who will be happy to make sure you’re part of the 8k frontier.

Product Push
Barco Bragi

“Aspect ratio”: two words that describe the shape of the picture on the screen, but also introduce a whole bunch of potential problems – both visually and technically! Up till now, the issue has been that a lot of content (TV, Blu-Ray etc.) is 16:9, and a lot of movie content is 2,4:1. Getting one home cinema setup to display both as they should be seen is a challenge. But now, Barco has introduced Bragi, their latest 5k LED projector that is able to display both 16:9 and 2,4:1 content by automatically detecting the aspect ratio. To perfect your viewing experience, it has a bunch of other clever tricks, too. Contact BNC Technology to find out more about this competitively priced powerhouse of a projector.

What’s Hot
House Coral Road

We love a good handover – that moment when our clients’ vision is presented to them on the final day of installation. It also allows us the chance to share with you the work that we do: this time, it’s House Coral Road, created for one of our clients who held back on building his home cinema until he knew he could have it exactly the way he wanted it. Of course, he contacted BNC Technology to partner his vision with impeccable design, craftsmanship and installation. Check out the pictures of the finished cinema room.