Posted On: March 05, 2018

What’s The Good News?

Amsterdam in our Pockets… 

So you know we’re not noobs in the game of technology; we’re on the pulse, on the beat and on the button when it comes to global tech. That’s why we sent one of our own, Wade Ngulube – design extraordinaire – to Amsterdam, to attend the 2018 ISE (Integrated Systems Europe). Our man got the low down and the heads up of everything audio and visual for future forward spaces, plus he received the best of the best in CEDIA training. Now he’s back – with a motherboard of international insights from industry experts. And we’re bringing this to you. Prepare to up the ante on your home, from cool to legendary.

For hot off the circuit information, consult with Wade – or any of our BNC Lifestyle Designers today

BNC takes a bow in SA Home Owner

There’s nothing better than seeing that Cheshire grin of satisfaction on a client’s face – and man, you should see the smile on the owner of House Hurlingham Rd! Our team was briefed to deck out House Hurlingham Rd with the ultimate AV kit, for a fully immersive Home Cinema experience.

We recommended our BNC Technology Platinum Digital Solution. This meant, top-of-the-line audio and visual equipment with all the bells and whistles. They loved it. We loved it, and SA Home Owner Magazine asked us all about it. Read the article here

Mind the Gap…

You stream. I stream. We all steam for more Stream!

It’s the year of ‘the dog’ and we’re streaming the dream man! According to by Dec 2018, over 70 million households will use a streaming device. With Apple Tv, Showmax, Netflix, DSTv Explorer and many more, it’s no surprise that online streaming stays on top of the 4K content food chain. The problem arrives when you have a bandwidth lower than 50Mbps for an entire household. Cue the #buffering! Our Senior Technician, Wesley Deysel, recommends 100mbps as the optimal line for any integrated system. Anything less than that, and you’ll experience delays and low quality content. Not cool. Enter angry teenagers, aborted Sunday movies and no more languid couch slothing. Like we said, not cool.