Posted On: September 12, 2018

What’s The Good News?

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

We’ve got news, big news! Our work on House Hurlingham has earned us the 2018 Gold EH Home of the Year Award. The fully automated home allowed our BNC Technology squad to flex their conceptual muscles and think outside of the box. Our team designed, installed and stood in awe at the world-class audio-visual system we installed plus a circular state-of-the-art home cinema. Additionally we installed lighting control, Control4, integrated security solutions, intercom solutions and a network throughout the home. It’s moments like these that put a fire in our soul, a spring in our step and a spark in our circuit board. It keeps us pushing farther and upping our game.

Movin’ on up!

Our Control4 concierge service puts the power in your home, your hands. Or should we say at your fingertips> Adjust the mood lighting, scope out what’s happening with security, regulate your room temperature, pick that A-Class tune and more with the flick of a switch. To make sure that your home is always running at optimum capacity, we’ve upped our game with upgrades, additions and brand new features that’ll blow your mind. Contact a Lifestyle Designer today to see if your Control4 software is due an upgrade. While you’re at it don’t forget to ask about our new screens, trust us!

Lights, camera, comfort.

What good is edge-of-your-seat entertainment when your seat isn’t the ultimate best? You deserve plush, hand-crafted, top-shelf seating that’ll have the neighbors in a jealous frenzy (you know the ones.) Drumroll please: Introducing Moovia, the lead in select home theatre seating and, yes, we are a supplier. We’re not talking bucket seats with a cup holder here – Moovia’s range includes expertly engineered chairs in design styles from Copenhagen to Venice. A must for any home theatre that wants its name in shining lights.  Contact a Lifestyle Designer today for more info.

It’s called Design Thinking!

Recently Nick Caripis founder and CEO of BNC Technology found himself in the US at the elusive Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association’s business exchange. The main aim of the game was to bring back industry insights, technological wonders and first-world knowledge for you. To bring your house to #TheNextLevel. A big concept that’ll have you topping up your tot is called Design Thinking and it’s the future! Introduced by world-renowned Professor Michael Shanks, design-thinking focuses on out-of-the-fuse-box thinking to meet your needs and make life easier, much easier. It all about implementing future-forward ideas into your home in the present.