Posted On: December 05, 2018

What's the Good News?
Upfill Road Cinema

We always like to think that after the storm comes the sun. In reality, often what remains after the storm is just water damage! That was the case with our client in Upfill Road, Northern Johannesburg: a media room under threat from an undetected waterproofing issue. BNC Technology stepped in to put a silver lining on that particular cloud! We set out to create the ultimate space, delivering on demand and beyond expectation. We stripped the room back to its bare bones – the only original thing left was the telephone cable! True story. We implemented a complete, bespoke makeover, transforming an ordinary viewing room into a private, dedicated home cinema. Water damage, what? As we were leaving, our client informed us that he would be calling his Cape Town architect to make sure a room was included in his new holiday home for us to work on… Yip, we think he was happy.

What’s Hot
CSEED Blade. Oh yes!

CSEED is famous for its outrageously cool tech, but we think their new Blade 283 TV is just about the best thing they’ve done. It has a lot – a lot – of amazing specs, but the one you’ll really marvel at is its 4k screen – the largest widescreen in existence. It’s a massive 283 inches! To be exact, it’s 7,198mm x 6,600mm of 4K UHD LED awesomeness that delivers a viewing experience better (and bigger) than anything else! Picture aside, it has an onboard media server and six integrated speakers that support 9.1 cinema surround configurations. Yasss please! You could say it’s all your TV viewing requirements wrapped up in one big, beautiful, unbeatable box of tricks.

BNC Technology is standing by to share more about the CSEED Blade TV range.

Mind The Gap…
’Tis the Season to be taking a Break

Yes, we love what we do, but even we have to take a break and recharge our batteries! Like most of SA, we’re taking time out in December; we’ll be back early 2019, fresh and ready to deliver on the next series of luxury designs. The good news is: from December 14th 2018 to January 14th 2019, we will have staff on standby to help out with your technical queries and resolve any unlikely issues. Please contact: 071 917 1127.

Happy holidays from our family to yours! If you’re traveling across our awesome country, or beyond our borders, please go safely.

What’s Hot
Next Level Home Automation!

So you’ve got your home cinema sorted: the sound is sweet, the picture is clear and all that control is conveniently at your fingertips. Doesn’t the rest of your house deserve the same love and attention to luxury? Introducing Savant: it’s home automation, beyond. Control security, lighting, blinds, climate and more from the convenience of your smartphone. Savant isn’t just about switching things on and off – it’s about total integration for your connected home: dim the lights and change the playlist to set the perfect mood, provide remote access for deliveries, or simply make sure the hot tub is running at the perfect temperature when you get home – all at the touch of a button… No words.

For more details, get in touch with us at BNC Technology. We’ll tell you all about it over a scotch in our private viewing room.