Posted On: November 30, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

We’ve got good news and great news. The good news is that we’re going on holiday from 16 Dec 2017 – 10 Jan 2018. The great news is, that our back-up service department is easy to reach 24/7/365 at Tel: 071 917 1127. Before the pre-holiday rush, feel free to talk to one of our lifestyle designers about upcoming products, upgrades and technology trends of 2018.

‘Cause the power you’re supplying-it’s electrifying!

It’s lightning season! But we’ve got you covered. Cue the Furman IT-REF 201 Discrete Symmetrical Power Filter, 20 Amp.  A mouthful? Yes. And so is that mince pie you’re eyeing. Come rain, shine, thunder and lightning, this system has your back. For a full list of the ins and outs of this ultimate surge protector, check out or connect with us.

Start your Engines Boys…

Virtual Reality is here Gents and it goes down like a whiskey on the rocks! Motion Pro II has taken the concept, put pedal to the metal and created the CXC professional racecar simulator. With custom Italian leather and carbon fibre seats, precision machined motion system mechanisms – and laser cut steel – it’ll make you feel like Vin Diesel on the tarmac. Chat to us for info.

A KaleideSCAPE of Possibilities…

Access the most advanced and diverse movie store known to man, all with the click of a button. Introducing the Kaleidescape Strato: the world’s first and only online movie store to offer thousands of film selections available in pristine Blu-ray quality and 4K Ultra HD (yeah, we’re talking ultra!)

What’s cool about the Kaleidescape Strato?

  • Internal 6-10 TB hard drive
  • Used as a standalone or can play movies from a Terra movie server
  • Lossless multi-channel audio
  • Supports high-dynamic range (HDR)

And guess who’ll hook you up? Drumroll … BNC Technology. We got you. For more details on integrating Kaleidescape Strato into your system contact us.