About Us

Established 2008
BNC Technology is the sum total of more than 30 years’ experience in the luxury technology sector, built on a commitment to design excellence and the highest levels of service.
Founded in 2008, CEDIA Approved BNC Technology flourishes under the stewardship of Nick Caripis, Wade Ngulube & Quentin Visser – a three-sided team of experts that bring passion to the blueprints and mutual respect to the design industry. Together, they continue to push the boundaries and redefine the luxury home electronics space.
The BNC Technology difference lies in its distinct technological capabilities, draped in ultimate luxury for the few that have a taste for the finest that life has to offer.

Success Stories

Each and every residential project begins with a vision. It takes shape through the filter of our design and technical mastery, and ultimately culminates in a bespoke space that tells a unique story. While our work results in unforgettable experiences – and the occasional award-winning home – developing lasting relationships with our clients is the true reward for BNC Technology.

Nick Caripis

BNC Technology Founder & CEO

Credentials: CEDIA Certified Electronic Systems Designer

What he brings: Nick drives the BNC product proposition with a hands-on, unpretentious passion to be the best at what he does – a virtue that directly translates into the values held high by the company.

Passion: Details, details and more details. Understanding the needs of every client and project undertaken by BNC Technology.

Wade Ngulube

Head of Design

Credentials: Qualifications in Audio Engineering and Audio Technology

What he brings: Wade’s role sees him developing, implementing, and managing BNC Technology’s intricate Design Strategy.

Passion: Pulling the design department strings and conducting an inspired orchestra of engineers, designers and draughtsman.


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