The BNC Bliss Out Project: Mauritius

You have to hear about our new project. She’s top class, she’s a beach babe and she’s all about easy paradise living.

We are seriously amped to be partnering with luxury property development scheme Arokaria on a joint venture, along the magnificent Isle of Mauritius. This private gated community is immersed in a protected wildlife reserve, located at the edge of the Daruty Forest. The architecture of the homes flirts with the natural surrounds, designed to effortlessly merge interior and exterior living spaces by means of high ceilings and wide-open spaces.

Our job? To bring affluent, bespoke design concepts to all NINE private villas. We’re going with a full turnkey home cinema solution: plush interiors, balanced acoustics and seamless state-of-the-art technology, built into the basements of these deluxe homes. Flexibility and luxurious fluidity is our mandate; making a definitive lifestyle statement, is our promise.

BNC Technology is honoured to be collaborating with this award-winning global team of property pioneers.

House Zim: An African Showpiece

Summon the Vic Falls! This baby is going to make a statement in Zimbabwe. She’s the whole bang-shoot.

From slick and trick home automation to automated remote security to matchless entertainment and AV integration, the brief on House Zim left us nothing short of inspired, with the homeowner’s request to provide a ‘special touch’ in multiple areas of the house.

Sleek, seamless and loud was the solution. Automated excellence was the outcome. We are proud to have delivered a sense of the extraordinary throughout the home, with sophisticated sound and entertainment, that lands on the lap like a Bunny at the Playboy Mansion.

House Zim is trending in the neighbourhood with hidden speakers, a gold level cinema and the world’s classiest outdoor C SEED audio system, by the pool. Of course, where else would you want it?

A new tick off the bucket list: Hello Zambia

 Ah yeah, a new stamp in the passport is a special kind of satisfaction. Watch out, Zambia, BNC Technology is here and we’ve got screens. Big screens.  

House Zambia will be our first project in the country, which gives it an extra exciting edge. Creating a home cinema in a small room came with challenges. But hey- we love a good challenge to keep things interesting. A truly superb space has emerged from our adaptations to limited dimensions and some pesky patio doors.

Cutting edge performance and value is at the core of House Zambia, the main intention being to add significant value to the home. We have impeccable confidence in the high performance of this cinema, which we believe has added beyond significant value to the property. Go team! Now where’s a bar in this place?

The Zanzibar Zinger

We’re really getting our island vibes on lately. BNC Technology flew north to have some fun with a Zanzibar project, where we’ve been given free reign to explore our technical and design creativity with a bespoke home cinema. House Zanzibar is about pushing the limits. It’s about supreme performance, design and finishes. We’ve brought a serious A-game to this tropical family holiday home.

Turnkey bespoke interiors, custom seating with specialised detail and supreme finishes have been implemented throughout the cinema. Sophisticated attention to detail has come together seamlessly here to create a masculine feel in the space while still maintaining family friendliness and functionality. Partnered with state-of-the-art technology (hello THIRTY TWO channels of audio), this cinema is a bespoke masterpiece.

LONDON: You Beaut!

In case you missed the headlines:  we’re still feeling the gees from our recent trip to London in September, where we attended the 5th Annual CEDIA Awards and WON Best Media Room, in the Media Room Level 1 category.  Did we celebrate? Yes. Did we instagram the heck out of it? Yes. We’re proud to also have been finalists in the categories of Best Home Cinema and Best Integrated Home.

CEDIA Awards is a global awards programme that celebrates technology and recognises technical innovation, across an international home automation benchmark.

We’d like to thank all our clients and our partners for believing in us, and for believing in the premium joy of future-forward homes. This is how we roll.


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