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Ferrari has 70 years’ worth of history behind it, and a lot of their success is owed to a blending of legendary design and innovative technology. This got me thinking about the ‘lovemarks’ of BNC Technology and the stories we create with every design journey we embark upon with our clients.

Sound Snobs are my kinda people

The science of sound is a beautiful thing when you really get into it. Honorary guest speaker, Mr Ivan Lin, Founder and Principle Audio and Acoustics Engineer of Linspace visited our CPD Hybrid Session in April, and spoke to our architects about the emotive and scientific depth of sound, and the vast impact it can have on atmosphere and emotions.

Are we still on the Pulse?

The upcoming industry trends for 2018 have one thing in common: instant gratification. Can it pause, play, (juice a smoothie) and show off, all at the same time? If the answer is yes, then you’re on the money. We call it ‘integrated systems’. The world demands it. And yes, we do it. We always have.

Let’s Make this Easy Guys!

After 12 years in the game, our BNC squad knows the drill, and this is why we enjoy connecting personally with our clients so that we can take the “fright night” out of investing in Home integrated technology, and replace this with easy speak, easy terms and easy solutions.


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Yes, it is possible.