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Are we still on the Pulse?

The upcoming industry trends for 2018 have one thing in common: instant gratification. Can it pause, play, (juice a smoothie) and show off, all at the same time? If the answer is yes, then you’re on the money. We call it ‘integrated systems’. The world demands it. And yes, we do it. We always have.

Let’s Make this Easy Guys!

After 12 years in the game, our BNC squad knows the drill, and this is why we enjoy connecting personally with our clients so that we can take the “fright night” out of investing in Home integrated technology, and replace this with easy speak, easy terms and easy solutions.

Let’s talk Speakers … and Dopamine…

Quality driven speakers are a non-negotiable fellas. Whether watching the game with my boys or clinching the deal on a job or throwing the ultimate party- excellent sound means an excellent outcome. And you thought they stayed ‘til 3am because of the bottomless whisky!


BNC Master Class

Join a BNC Master Class for a networking and skills training session that speaks to regular global updates on industry trends. We talk business, coffee and tech as we tackle the nuances and dynamism of future forward home design. Network with architects, designers and aspiring students of the trade. Hosted one morning per month by BNC Technology founder, Nick Caripis.



Continuous Professional Development in future-forward design is no longer a ‘point system goal’ – it’s a point system necessity. BNC Technology proudly pioneers accredited smart home technology training to industry professionals in South Africa, equipping interior designers, architects and industrial design students with an in-depth understanding of local and global technology skills and information, that ensure absolute readiness for tomorrow’s home design.

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