Home Cinema

Immersive. Impeccable. Individual.

Become the architect of your platinum space when you choose our full experience in private home cinema-scaping: a limitless integration of design and tech that will lead you to the ultimate indoor entertainment reality. BNC Technology is your exclusive design partner in bespoke digital concierge experiences. We are precise. We are turnkey. We are insatiably original, and we aim to deliver on your desire.

Your own, custom-designed home cinema.

Our elite clientele seek exclusive experiences, and there is nothing quite as exclusive as your own, custom-designed home cinema.

Our impeccable cinemas will envelop you in complete luxury. Your cinema is constructed to your exact specifications: the precision lighting is set to optimum levels of comfort and even the walls allow for acoustic excellence. As you step onto the opulent carpet, set yourself down into your hand-selected recliner with a drinks holder that could either warm or cool your drink – depending on the kind of movie night you’re after – you’ll feel like you’re holding Hollywood in your hand.

BNC Technology handles everything from technical design, luxury interiors, 3D-design renderings and the calibration of audio-visual equipment with our distinguishing precision. We manage the process every step of the way, and are available with immediate post installation technical support and maintenance, at any point that you might need us.

Home Automation

Cutting Edge. Connected. Convenient.

We offer a digital concierge experience, paired with a cognac and classical music, or poolside cocktails and family Sundays. Whatever your lifestyle blueprint, BNC Technology will tailor your vision of opulence. Dream up your ultimate space and connect with us – we’ll design a home automation solution that ushers in elegant sophistication, and pairs it with convenience and unlimited luxury.

Enhanced lifestyle

Seamless realities, with the click of a switch.

With BNC Technology, home automation becomes effortless with one flick of the hand. From winding down with dim lighting, a cognac and a classical soundtrack, to revving up with a cocktail and a floating bar from behind your prized Monet, to bath time with the kids and late night safety checks and lock ups – it’s all doable, it’s all possible. We’ve got you covered.

BNC Technology facilitates this enhanced lifestyle by automating and simplifying any and every part of our clients’ realities. Our Lifestyle Designers and Engineers transform imagination into seamless realities, with the click of a switch.

Your digital concierge experience is controlled by your very own (and very discreet) black box securely placed in your home; the system brain that allows you to manage your home using a simple and elegant control panel

Audio Visual

Subtle. Selectable. Sensational.

Whether you’re entertaining guests, watching the game with friends or simply relaxing with your family, BNC Technology guarantees an audio visual solution that adapts effortlessly to your luxury needs. Our expert design team crafts understated and tasteful audio visual solutions, giving you access to an immaculate experience, available through any digital platform you choose.

Only the best audio brands in the world

Bring the concert home – unplugged and up close.

Our understated and tasteful audio visual solutions, created by our expert sound engineers, will give you access to an immersive sound experience available through any device you choose.

With BNC Technology as your home automative partner you are guaranteed to bring the concert home – unplugged and up close. Not many people can say they have experienced sound so distinct it feels palpable; with our help, you’ll feel Christina’s vibrato tremble from your toes to your crown, Barry’s base resound in your chest, and Freddie’s power blow your eyelashes backwards.

All of this is brought to you in the super sexy packaging of only the best audio brands in the world, like the Meridian loudspeakers and personal audio equipment. A consummate company like BNC understands the importance of utilising only the most exquisite equipment.

Our commitment to flawless sound has been highlighted through many successful collaborations with architects and interior designers, which ensure design and acoustic requirements are constructed as one.

Outdoor Entertainment

Opulent. Outstanding. Outside.

BNC Technology brings you next level outdoor entertainment that suits any occasion: dinner with international colleagues, a celebration with 300 guests, or a classy night out for two – on the daybed…BNC Technology masters the elements of prestige with world-beating audio visual designs: outdoor LED screens that unfold to a crystal clear picture in full sunlight, matched with powerfully invisible speakers – these are just the start of a seamless, sleek and superior outdoor living journey.

Fully immersive experience

Seamless, sleek and sexy outdoor living.

BNC Technology provides next level luxury outdoor entertainment to the home or commercial space. Whether your calendar calls for international colleagues, a party gathering of 300 guests or exclusive, quality time with the family, our lifestyle designers ensure a premium, high performance product offering that will turn your leisure area into a fully immersive experience.

As South Africa’s exclusive supplier of internationally recognised C SEED Home Entertainment Systems, BNC Technology proudly stocks an A-class line of future-ready products to please the discerning homemaker. This includes the C SEED 125 Outdoor Sound System and the iconic C SEED 201 Outdoor TV System powered by L’Acoustics, for the ultimate open-air lifestyle option.

BNC Technology remains committed to the detail in audio and visual technology, delivering on top quality products and tailor made concept designs that guarantee seamless, sleek and sexy outdoor living.

Integrated Security

Safe. Secure. Simple.

No matter where you are in the world, BNC Technology takes care of your home security with efficient, cutting-edge, integrated systems.

We provide you with 100% remote control surveillance and alarm systems via connected smart devices. It’s not just about convenience, it’s about that all-important peace of mind. Our security solutions afford you the privilege of video safety checks and lock up ability from any location in the world, so you can focus on signing that deal in Singapore, or basking by the pool in the Bahamas.

Control your home and business security

full control over surveillance and alarm systems

Safety and security are an important concern the world over, but BNC clients don’t want their security to be a time-consuming or worrying affair. We understand our clients’ busy and mobile lives and so offer our clients efficient and cutting-edge integrated security solutions for the home and office.

We provide our clients with full control over surveillance and alarm systems, from any location in the world. So, whether you’re enjoying a night out on the town or an international family trip away from home, your BNC engineered security system allows you to control your home and business security in just a few seconds, and then spend the rest of your time doing what you enjoy or what you need to get done.

Our 100% remote, 24-hour systems control option affords you the luxury of safety checks and lock up ability from the comfort of your position. Log in electronically to make sure everything is where you left it, and then arm the alarm with a simple press of a button and enjoy the rest of your time with total peace of mind.


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Yes, it is possible.



    65 Linksfield Rd


    Johannesburg, 1612

    Yes, it is possible.