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Become the architect of your platinum space when you choose our full experience in private home cinema-scaping: a limitless integration of design and tech that will lead you to the ultimate indoor entertainment reality. BNC Technology is your exclusive design partner in bespoke digital concierge experiences. We are precise. We are turnkey. We are insatiably original, and we aim to deliver on your desire.

Home Automation

We offer a digital concierge experience, paired with a cognac and classical music, or poolside cocktails and family Sundays. Whatever your lifestyle blueprint, BNC Technology’s will tailor your vision of opulence. Dream up your ultimate space and connect with us – we’ll design a home automation solution that ushers in elegant sophistication, and pairs it with convenience and unlimited luxury.

Home Cinema

Immersive. Impeccable. Individual.

Home Automation

Cutting Edge. Connected. Convenient.

Audio Visual

Subtle. Selectable. Sensational.

Outdoor Entertainment

Opulent. Outstanding. Outside.

Integrated Security

Safe. Secure. Simple.

Yes, it is possible.

You’ve arrived. At the top of your game. At the digital summit of a design collective that offers you unfiltered luxury, and the ultimate convenience in your own home. With us, you can have it all.

Our Approach

We offer a digital concierge experience with home automation solutions that ushers in elegant sophistication paired with convenience and unlimited luxury tailored to your vision of opulence.

Our Mission

We merge immersive design with expansive tech prowess, to enrich any entertainment experience. Whether it’s home cinema, audio visual, home automation or world-class remote security systems.

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For Professionals

Continuous Professional Development in future-forward design is no longer a ‘point system goal’ – it’s a point system necessity. BNC Technology proudly pioneers accredited smart home technology training to industry professionals in South Africa, equipping interior designers, architects and industrial design students with an in-depth understanding of local and global technology skills and information, that ensure absolute readiness for tomorrow’s home design.

Our News

We talk business, coffee and tech as we tackle the nuances and dynamism of future forward home design

More Pixels Means it’s More Immersive.

More Pixels Means it’s More Immersive. Typical! As soon as we all get used to 4k, screen and panel manufacturers announce the arrival of 8k! You may have heard some things about the tech, and depending on who you’re speaking to, the comments range from “it’s a...

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Newsletter Q1

What’s the Good News?What’s cooler than having a home cinema designed to your exact tastes? Knowing that whatever you put on paper will be what you experience in the finished room. BNC Technology doesn’t leave your vision to chance - it’s why we use Revit...

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It’s that time of year

It’s that time of year

Our sincerest thanks to all our clients for another year of design excellence; we’ve enjoyed creating your ultimate luxury space and building lasting relationships that continue to stand the test of time, and tech.

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Yes, it is possible.